• Raptor Farms Site
  • Front page of Website
  • Hot Sauce Page
    Page with animated hot sauce bottles. Turn your speakers on to hear their messages.
  • Dry Spice Page
  • 3D Bottles
    Behind the scenes view of rendering each of the bottles before they were animated.
  • Finished Bottle Characters
  • Thermometer Indicators
    Animated thermometer Indicators we designed to correlate the heat factor for each procuct.
  • Peppers
    Peppers shot for the front page of the Website.

The goal of this project was to come up with a new, uncluttered design to organize and showcase the products. We redesigned the site from the ground up utilizing their pre-existing dragon logo. All of the products were photographed for the site. The hot sauce bottles were modeled in 3D and then we added some personality to them by drawing eyes and a mouth.We worked with the client to come up with a unique
voice and message for each of the sauces.
The finishing touches were added when we did a voice-overs and animated them.
In order to show how spicy each of the sauces are in comparison to each other, we developed a "heat meter" which displays a detailed chart when clicked on.

  • Bridge Preservation
  • Bridge Preservation Logo
  • 8-Page Brochure
    Designed as a marketing tool and be consistent with the look of the Website.
  • Collage Header
    Partial view of the collage created for the brochure cover design.
  • Brochure Inside Pages
  • Trade Magazine Ad Horizontal
  • Trade Magazine Ad Vertical
  • Website Front Page
  • Website Rail Page
    We designed a slide show in Flash to illustrate proceedure for the Rail, DOT and Quality Assurance pages .
  • Bridge Stationary
    Envelope and business cards

Rather than featuring one project, this is more of a suite of projects to show
integration of design for a consistent look throughout.
The company logo was designed first based on input from the client. Then the subsequent print pieces and website were created using elements and colors to match.

The website project not only upgraded the look of the previous site, but also provided more consistency and organization. We used slide shows created in Flash with descriptive copy to illustrate processes on several pages.
The brochure was designed to reflect the look and feel of the website
using similar sidebars and banners.

  • Bolsa Chica
  • View of Installation from Entry
    Sketch by Freddie Georges
  • Floor Plan
    Sketch by Freddie Georges
  • Prototype of Panels in 3D
  • Sample of Water Colour Effect for Banners
  • Detail - People Make a Difference
    Close-up view on the left and full panel on the right.
  • Detail - Other Habitats of Bolsa Chica
    Close-up view on the left and full panel on the right.
  • Detail - Wetlands Serve Many Purposes
    Close-up view on the left and full panel on the right.
  • Completed Panels
    Photo of 3 completed panels installed in riser
  • Zonation Poster
    Poster printed for an event. Size is 32" x 17"
  • Outdoor Sign
    Wooden sign designed and installed on front and rear of visitor center.
  • Outdoor Sign
    Actual sign on front of visitor center after installation.

The art of telling nature’s story

The Bolsa Chica Conservancy came to us for creative design and digital output of twelve panels that would serve as interpretive guides for the protected environment.
Our challenge was to create an integrated and consistent look that would
invite visitors of all ages to learn and explore.

We began by reviewing similar installations at neighboring parks. Our solution was a modular design system featuring large, overarching banners with titles, logos and digitally filtered photos that created a soft, watercolor effect. The environmentally resonant banners set the stage for the descriptive text and photos supplied for each panel. Related photos were grouped together to create an attractive and cohesive appearance. Care was taken to ensure that headlines and text were easy to read at a distance. Blending artfully with the environment, the panels flow like chapters of a book and tell a compelling story.


Potential clients often ask, “What’s your process? How do you work? What can we expect?” The featured project section of our site is designed to help answer these questions. Updated regularly with completed projects, featured projects provide insight into our design strategies and creative process.

We invite you to check back often to see what’s new.